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Life is full of stories.. in Arabic too.

Conversation/debate for Arabic

What’s the pain?

Finding relevant content in Arabic online is a challenge for more than half of the Arabic-speaking population.

In early 2017, we interviewed 180 young people across Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, the UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. They shared their pain in finding quality stories in arabic on the web.

However, quality Arabic content exists and it is growing. We need to make it more available.

What’s the pill?

Instead of searching, we invite Arabic-readers to create their personalised feed of stories.

Arabic-speakers discover, read, and engage with relevant articles in Arabic from the greatest digital publishers worldwide.

Sejaal is a community of ambitious spirits who are growing their life perspectives.


Our readers discover stories from websites they had no idea existed. We select them because they are active, credible, beautiful to the eyes, and speak about the world near them, and the planet we live on.

#Diversity of Voices

Our readers discover content from webzines, blogs, and news that cover all sorts of contemporary topics beyond social conventions. They read voices, young and less young, that have different ways of looking at the world.


In a world that scatters our attention, our readers enjoy a quiet place to read on their interests, feed their curiosity, and find themselves again. They read stories that make them cry, laugh, and think.

Who is this for?

As of June 2017, there are over 185 millions Arabic-speaking Internet Users.

We aim to serve the 108 Million millennial generation in the 22 countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

We would also be useful to the million students and their teachers serving them with quality information.

Equally important, we thrive to support the hundreds of digital publishers in the region working relentlessly to bring information and knowledge to the Arabic-speaking world.

Why Sejaal now?

There are more than 150 million pages in Arabic (Modern Standard and Dialects) online. A precise updated percentage for Digital Arabic Content is yet to be determined (Hi Google :)! ) .

And here are some good news:

  1. 80% of search in the region are in Arabic. Google, 2018.
  2. Arabic is the fastest growing language on the Internet: 7247% growth between 2000 and 2017. Arab Development Portal, 2018.
  3. Arabic Internet Users are growing at a rate of 158% per year. Arab Media Outlook 2016-2018.
  4. If not now, when?

Your values?


We read, think, and act to become more of ourselves everyday.


We trust our intuition and live with our time.


We pioneer necessity, engineer possibility, and execute relentlessly.


We think and ask deeply. Breathe stories into life. Create our own. And own our spirit.


We are all in this together. So the rules of the game are: trust, open borders, and communication.

What are you dreaming about?

We are on a mission to create a more relevant Arabic web.

We believe we all deserve information and knowledge that respect our eyes and brains. Sejaal was founded to make us start a conversation about our passions and hopefully make us feel closer to who we are. We would be then in a better position to think, decide, and act for ourselves. To that end, Sejaal thrives for Arabic to continue being not only a vector of understanding among people of a region but also a carrier of people’s passion and right to know.

Together with publishers, we are breathing another story into Arabic. We breathe Arabic into the 21st century of technological innovation.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 9: Promote Universal Access to Information, particularly through increasing access to ICT.

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Labor of love from the Arab world and all its beloved ethnic and linguistic groups .

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